Automarathon to register for a webinar
Creating a chatbot that will constantly invite users to join the 4-day marathon.

The chatbot sends a reminder as well as motivational content depending on the day of the week the user has registered. Therefore, each subscriber received content at different times and in different volumes.

The main goal is to bring the user to the autowebinar and give him useful materials. Additionally, to generate a loyal audience base for sales of the main course and repeat sales.

The client's autowebinar was held every Monday at 18:00.

People who fall into the funnel before 18:00 are sent directly to the webinar. Those who enter as early as 18:01 will be redirected to a funnel with 3-touch insulation.

Depending on the day when a person subscribed to the bot, he receives a newsletter with useful content:
  • on Monday and Tuesday until 12:00 - 3 messages;
  • Tuesday after 12:00, Wednesday, Thursday until 12:00 - 2 messages;
  • Thursday after 12:00, Friday, Saturday until 12:00 - 2 messages;
  • Saturday after 12:00, Friday - 2 messages;
Sunday - 2 messages.

Thanks to this newsletter, more visitors reached the next autowebinar. They knew exactly where they were going and were interested in our client's proposal.

TOP 5 reasons for cooperation with me and the team!
A responsibility
Unfortunately, not all specialists are responsible for their work. I always do what I promise!
Continuous development
I constantly improve my skills, participate in professional chat rooms, and consult with other specialists. I am taking advanced courses. One of the latest courses 2021: Media Buyer Pro Facebook & TikTok by Targetorium
Work for the result
Our team works for itself, which means that it is MEGA important for us to get a specific measurable result. We are interested in long-term cooperation!
There is a problem - here is the solution!
You can always find an answer and a solution for almost any problem. I do not leave clients alone with my problem, I am looking for various options and ways to solve it as soon as possible.
Always in touch
I will contact you during the agreed working hours. Even on weekends I monitor ads and am available for urgent matters.
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