The medicine
Lead generation for treatment abroad
Search for patients with various diagnoses who are considering treatment abroad in European and Turkish clinics.

GEO: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.

To search for clients, we chose targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram social networks, as well as on the Google and Yandex search networks. In addition to finding patients, a campaign was also launched to collect contacts of doctors who can get rewarded by recommending our clients to patients.
What was done on the project:
  • connected analytics system Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Yandex Metrica;
  • conducting targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram;
  • setting up and maintaining advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct.
Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • СРС — 0,15$;
  • CTR — 1,95 %;
  • CPA per lead — 6,80$.
    Facebook & Instagram Ads
    Lead generation to attract doctors:
    • CPC - $ 0.22;
    • CTR - 1.65%;
    • CPA per lead — $4.42
        Advertising campaign in Google Adwords
        The advertising campaign was aimed at both Russian-speaking users in the CIS and English-speaking audiences in Turkey and Arab countries. Also, advertising of some services was aimed specifically at the Arab audience.
        • CPC - 0.47 €;
        • CTR for the period is 0.64%;
        • CPA per application - 64.3 €
          Advertising campaign optimization rate — 100%
          Target setting
          Advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct
          The advertising campaign was carried out in the CIS countries. Result:
          • SRS - 209 rubles;
          • CTR for the period is 4%;
          • CPA per application - 6495 rubles
              The average monthly budget was $12,000. The most relevant requests came from search ads. As a result, we achieved exactly the result we wanted - we received a sufficient number of applications from people who were interested in the opportunity to be treated abroad. Most of the users have become patients of our clients and have visited a number of European and Turkish clinics for treatment in various areas.
              TOP 5 reasons for cooperation with me and the team!
              A responsibility
              Unfortunately, not all specialists are responsible for their work. I always do what I promise!
              Continuous development
              I constantly improve my skills, participate in professional chat rooms, and consult with other specialists. I am taking advanced courses. One of the latest courses 2021: Media Buyer Pro Facebook & TikTok by Targetorium
              Work for the result
              Our team works for itself, which means that it is MEGA important for us to get a specific measurable result. We are interested in long-term cooperation!
              There is a problem - here is the solution!
              You can always find an answer and a solution for almost any problem. I do not leave clients alone with my problem, I am looking for various options and ways to solve it as soon as possible.
              Always in touch
              I will contact you during the agreed working hours. Even on weekends I monitor ads and am available for urgent matters.
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