Pharma B2B
Chatbot Loyalty Program
Chatbot development for pharmacists and pharmacists. Creating a community for communication between the product manager and the pharmacist directly, without a medical representative.

The main idea is to remove the medical representative, as an extra link, from the chain of interaction between a pharmacist and a pharmacist.

Inside the bot, users could undergo training, accumulate points and exchange them for valuable gifts.

Thanks to the "Register a check" program, we were able to increase the sales of some drugs by several times, since the pharmacists were directly interested in the sale of these drugs
Why is there such a need?
Here are the questions that arose for medical representatives about their work:

  1. How many pharmacies are covered by a medical representative in the allocated area, and how many remain uncovered?
  2. Pharmacies with little potential are also pharmacies. There are pharmacists there who also sell - does your representative communicate with them?
  3. How many pharmacists did the medical representative work with?
  4. The real number of his visits to the pharmacy?
  5. How long is one visit to the pharmacy?
  6. The amount of information provided to the pharmacist?
  7. Did the medical representative convey information to the pharmacist in accordance with the brand positioning in the company? How did the pharmacist learn it?
  8. Is the pharmacist ready to recommend your drugs and why?
  9. How many factors of work with representatives of the first table depend on the professionalism and individual qualities of your medical representative?

What was done on the project inside the chatbot
  1. Customer segmentation. We single out pharmacists, doctors, cosmetologists separately.
  2. Getting to know the product. Gamification and tests to get acquainted with the company's products.
  3. Bonus program. Opportunity to receive gifts of your choice
Stages of the interaction funnel inside the bot
  • Information funnel
  • Verification and segmentation
  • Loyalty program for tests and check registration
  • Newsletter
  • Online webinars
  • Product information video
  • Product Presentations
  • Testing of mastered material and accrual of bonuses
  • Exchange of bonuses for promotional gifts
  • Exchange bonuses for cash rewards
  • Exchange of bonuses for self-selected products
In total, more than 10 funnels were developed in the project for constant interaction.
We collected feedback from representatives of pharmaceutical companies that used our bot in their work. Most of them noted that by giving pharmacists more structured information through messenger mailings, they achieved the correct positioning of the brand in the client's imagination and a more loyal attitude towards the brand and the company.

And having provided pharmacists with additional motivation, we got a stable increase in sales and even overfulfillment of the plan.
TOP 5 reasons for cooperation with me and the team!
A responsibility
Unfortunately, not all specialists are responsible for their work. I always do what I promise!
Continuous development
I constantly improve my skills, participate in professional chat rooms, and consult with other specialists. I am taking advanced courses. One of the latest courses 2021: Media Buyer Pro Facebook & TikTok by Targetorium
Work for the result
Our team works for itself, which means that it is MEGA important for us to get a specific measurable result. We are interested in long-term cooperation!
There is a problem - here is the solution!
You can always find an answer and a solution for almost any problem. I do not leave clients alone with my problem, I am looking for various options and ways to solve it as soon as possible.
Always in touch
I will contact you during the agreed working hours. Even on weekends I monitor ads and am available for urgent matters.
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